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Bolt Action

BA German Army: Panzer II

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Product description

The Panzer II (also known as Panzerkampfwagen II), was a light tank that saw action at the start of and throughout the war and an almost all battlefields. It was produced with many variants, but most were armed with a 20mm KwK 30 L55.

This tank can be also be used to reppresent the Luchs (Lynx or Panzer II Ausf. L), as the main differences (a part from a slight size difference) were the design of the track wheels and tracks themselves.


1 resin Panzer II tank
Metal pieces for detailing
One metal crew man
Bolt Action stats for the Luchs

Type: Tanks
Weapons: One turret-mounted light autocannon with co-axial MMG
Damage Value: 8+ (light tank)
Special Rules: Recce
NB: Can also be inexperienced and veteran, see Bolt Action rulebook for more details

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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