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Wyrd miniatures

Kings of ArtificeMSRP: $70.00

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Product description

To the land of Artifice

That's right, Wyrd has a board game! Players are immersed into the world of Artifice where they must use wooden blocks to forge buildings and score Victory Points. With Event cards, Spell cards, strategy, and structures, the game changes with each play! Cast spells, vanquish foes, and create an unparalleled kingdom to dominate the realm.

Upon the shores of Artifice, four kings explore, build, conquer, and rule. As a King of Artifice you must balance building defenses, expanding your empire, and undermining the progress of your rivals. At your fingertips are your court and servants, each with its own unique ability to carve the island for yourself or wage war with magic and sword. Dare you marshal your forces into these untouched lands?
Box Includes: 200 Wooden Blocks, 1 Start Player Marker, 4 Scoring Pawns, 48 Tokens, 1 Double-sided Game Board, 21 Cards, 4 Ship Tiles, 4 Wasteland Tiles, 36 Character Stickers, 1 Rulebook, 4 Rules Summary Sheets

MSRP: $70.00

Players: 2 - 4 | Playing Time: 30 - 90 minutes | Ages: 10 +

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